Sartin Services, Inc., an Archdale, North Carolina company, designs and manufactures customized state of the art ALS emergency response buses that can transport up to 20 stretchered patients, 24 ambulatory patients and 10 wheelchaired patients. Since the first 7 MAB® units were built for the National Capitol Region of Washington, DC in 2007, Sartin Services has built vehicles that are operating all over the United States.

A large oxygen storage and distribution system allows each patient and each attendant seat to have an individually-metered oxygen supply. All vehicles can be connected to a permanent oxygen source, like a hospital, and remain onsite to assist in overload situations. Other specialized equipment options include: an individual wireless patient monitoring systems, suction units, bariatric winch, a patent-pending slide-out stretcher system for ease of loading patients, communication systems, stainless steel medical storage compartments, climate control systems, a large loading/unloading ramp assembly that conveniently stores under the vehicle in minutes, germ and virus resistant flooring, flip-down seating for rehab or on-site needs, eight to ten wheelchair placements, large generator and many other features.

The buses are vital in evacuating hospitals, nursing homes, responding to school and tour bus accidents, treating heat related issues at marathons or other large public events, response to large scale accidents, the rehab of fire fighters and as an on-site command center.

MAB® buses have responded to many Mass Casualty Incidents all over the country and have proven to be an invaluable resource to responding emergency personnel.