Below are endorsements from actual MAB users, these are people who call their office a Medical Ambulance Bus. Their testimonials prove that the MAB is impacting lives.

“Our MAB was used during the record flood of 2009. The Fargo-Moorhead community had to evacuate almost all of its skilled nursing facilities along with 4 of its 5 hospitals. Although our MAB was not scheduled to be delivered until late April, Sartin Services worked with us to get it here in time for our predicted second river crest and for repatriation of some of our nursing home patients. Our MAB’s “sister” MAB’s were called in from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area to assist in evacuations.
Ken Krupich
F-M Ambulance – Fargo-Moorhead Region, North Dakota
“In the event of a major medical emergency – whether it’s a subway accident, multi-casualty incident, or a terrorist attack – it may be necessary to transport large numbers of victims to the hospital. While an ambulance can handle one or possibly two patients, these specially outfitted buses will increase the region’s transport capability allowing each vehicle to accommodate up to 21 victims at a time. The ambulance buses fill a large gap. A typical ambulance can carry one or two patients, but these giant ones eliminate the caravan of ambulances that can crowd emergency scenes.”
Tom Carr
Fire Chief of the Montgomery County, Maryland
“On April 29, 2009 shortly after 10:00 a.m. CMPD along with several other agencies (Charlotte Fire Department, NC State Highway Patrol, and Medic) responded to a traffic collision on I-77S involving a Cabarrus County Activity School Bus. On board the bus were approximately 33 children and 12 adults who were en route to Camp Thunderbird. All of the passengers were able to escape the bus prior to arrival of CFD and Medic.In approximately 30 minutes Charlotte FF’s and Medic were able to treat, stabilize, and transport those injured to area hospitals. Those who were not hurt were taken to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Headquarters to re unite with their families. The Charlotte Fire Dept upgraded this incident to a 2nd alarm response, bringing nearly 48 firefighters to the scene to support this mass causality incident. Additional firefighters were assigned to CMPD headquarters to support the uninjured children who were able to reunite with their parents.Medic’s response to the collision consisted of 8 ambulances, a Mass Casualty Response Unit, and one of Medic’s two Mass Casualty Transport Buses. Approximately 28 Paramedics, EMT’s and Medic Supervisors managed medical care on scene. A total of 62 patients were evaluated by Medic Paramedics and CFD first responders. 36 total patients were transported to area hospitals for treatment. The 11 most seriously injured patients were transported via ambulance to CMC Main and Presbyterian Hospital. The remaining 25 patients, each of whom only suffered minor injuries, were transported via Medic’s Mass Casualty Transport Bus to CMC Main and Presbyterian Hospital.The fact that Medic was able to employ its Mass Casualty Transport Bus was critical as it allowed the Agency to safely retain paramedic coverage for the rest of the County while a substantial mass casualty incident was occurring. Medic was able to safely respond to numerous other life threatening situations throughout Mecklenburg County thanks to the capabilities of this invaluable resource.Acting as an assisting agency, CMPD opened Police HQ to serve as a safe location for the children who were not transported to area hospitals. In addition, CMPD opened their Command Center to assist families in gathering information about their children. CMPD also offered assistance to the families of the children who were transported to local hospitals by confirming which hospital they were transported to and providing transportation and/or directions to them as needed.81 children were brought to CMPD HQ to be reunited with their families. Children were provided pizza and light snacks as they awaited their parents’ arrival to Police HQ. The last child was re-united with their family shortly after 3:00 p.m. NC State Highway Patrol will be handling the investigation to determine the cause of this collision.”

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